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BrandMapp 2018 is here. Get your access now!

BrandMapp offers a sophisticated view of a sophisticated market using sophisticated methodology. The data is based on a sample of 29 134 and includes 242 measures, 115 categories and 1 175 individually brands making it the most comprehensive independent study of economically-active South Africans.

Every year we produce BrandMapp, the definitive survey of the top 30% of South African’s by income. This group of 12.5 million adults make up more than 80% of all personal income and consumer spend in the country. BrandMapp offers marketers and agencies the ability to segment, profile and fully understand this crucial group with useful insights based on a massive sample of 29 134!

Does BrandMapp still include the ‘TopEnd’?

Yes, absolutely. Completed using online methods only, BrandMapp 2018 rendered its largest raw sample to date: more than 29 000 respondents. The result is a data set that provides a unique view of adults over the age of 16 with access to the Internet. Critically, BrandMapp’s ‘wealth of insight’ remains at its core. In addition to the growing middle class, the data paints unique pictures of the elusive affluent segments of society earning in excess of R40K per month: the 5% of TopEnd South Africans responsible for 50% of all consumer spend!

What’s in BrandMapp 2018?

29 134 respondents across 270 measure, 1 175 brands, 450 media brands and 130 categories. BrandMapp 2018 covers all aspects of your consumers lives including –

  • Demographics and home life
  • Income, employment and property
  • Hopes, dream and fears
  • Sports and interests
  • Banking and finances
  • Investment and insurance
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Eating and drinking
  • Shopping habits and store usage
  • Brand usage and affinity
  • Technology and travel
  • Automotive
  • Mediagraphics: All media
  • Internet usage

New/expanded measures in BrandMapp 2018

As an independent and autonomous study, we are able to ensure that BrandMapp keeps up with the times and remains a relevant and dynamic interrogation. So BrandMapp always includes expanded categories, new metrics and measurements to ensure the most contemporary view of South African consumers.

Here’s what’s new in BrandMapp 2018: 

Corporate communication, Pet ownership, Slashers – alternative income, Voting, Vitamins, Business air travel, Mode of commuter travel, Motor vehicle perceptions, Social media frequency of use, Youth fears, Personality mind states, Personal social statements, Business banking, Financial institution consideration, Investable assets, Alcohol brand lists updated and expanded, Shopper mind states, Forecourt shopping, Jeans ownership and favorite, TV advertising perceptions, Eyewear worn, Music listening, Live event participation, Accommodation: hotels and guesthouses, Updated and expanded loyalty interrogation.

Contact us for a full list of measures and brands in BrandMapp 2018. 

How do I access BrandMapp?

 Annual access to cross-tab data:

BrandMapp is available to subscribers through all industry platform tools including – Nielsen, SoftCopy, Infotools, Telmar, Eighty20 and others.

BrandMapp Brand Profilers:

A slide pack of your customer versus your competitors customers (or segments), charted into 220 open-file PowerPoint slides.

BrandMapp Data runs

We are able to supply bespoke runs and interrogations on an ad hoc basis depending on clients’ needs.

Strategic Consultancy

With a combined 50 years of marketing and communications knowledge in the team, we specialise in unpacking, repacking and presenting data to groups of any size.

Next steps …

To place your order or find out more about BrandMapp please contact –

Stuart Lowe on 083 443 8111 or email