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By Adlips Jessica Hubbard, Deputy Editor, 25 November 15 See the video here

Earlier this year, WhyFive, a consumer insights business focused on syndicated landscape surveys and market reports, explored online retail in South Africa. Brandon de Kock, director of storytelling at WhyFive, highlights some of the key findings from their study and the implications for SA’s e-commerce players.

“When we first started looking into this whole online world [of retail], we noticed that people have a lot of suppositions; they have a lot of navel-gazing thoughts about who’s buying, who’s not buying, etc.,” he explains. “And that’s kind of why we went in; to try and work out who is doing a really good job of converting browsers into purchasers, where are people making purchases, and what kinds of things they’re trying to buy online.”

For example, he says that books and CDs make for easy on...

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One of the new measures in BrandMapp 2016 is a view of how optimistic middle-class-and-up South Africans are feeling, both in terms of their personal future and that of our country; and, although the survey is still in field, interim responses from around 10 000 respondents show a fascinating ethnic divide. On the personal front, 35% of black respondents are ‘very optimistic’ versus only 15% of their white counterparts, but when it comes to being ‘optimistic’, those numbers change to 36% and 50% respectively. So, although the majority of both groups feel personally optimistic, it’s clear that economically active black South Africans see a far brighter future for themselves. When it comes to the country, however, the story changes. Thirty-six percent of respondents feel ‘unsure’ about our future, which is understandable given the state of the world right now, but there’s a worryingly pessimistic mood on the white side of the fence. While 40% of black respondents feel optimistic about the future of SA, only 19% of white respondents feel the same way, with 46% saying they are pessimistic or very pessimistic. Of course, there’s far more to this story than this dipstick view reveals and the statistics need to be u...

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Infotools SA are proud to announce a partnership with whyFive insights which sees the BrandMapp 2015 data available on the Infotools Harmoni platform. Article courtesy of BizCommunity South Africa BrandMapp is an annual dataset created by 24 500 respondents who answer 200 questions in a comprehensive online survey across 500 brands, 380 media and 70 category filters. The result is a unique landscape study of economically active South African adults who are responsible for 86% of all consumer spend in the country. The data covers a traditionally hard-to-reach sector of the population, the middle class and top-end which is an extremely desirable but typically elusive market – 55% of the sample lives in households with more than R20 000 monthly household income, including large samples all the way up to the millionaires and ‘astronauts’. The dataset includes full demographics, psychographics and media interaction, with hundreds of additional measures on purchase behaviour across categories, sports played and watched, interests, travel, automotive, social issues, giving back, and many more. The Infotools Harmoni platform is analytic software that provides users with the opportunity to deep-dive data in order to gai...

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This annual survey is an in-depth look at the needs and perceptions of shoppers in SA and what drives their behaviour. Now in its second year, the survey design is complete, but there are still partnerships available for organisations involved in the process of building retail brands, getting and keeping customers, and selling merchandise in-store or online. Yes, it’s as broad as it sounds and, as our partner, we will work with you to tailor a bespoke silo questionnaire that answers your burning questions about the new shopper DNA. Feel free to contact us to discuss options for partnerships or to purchase the data reports.

Retail Shopper 2016 aims to answer vital shopper marketing questions:
  • What are the key drivers of consumer retail behaviour?
  • What do consumers think of your brand, stores, products and prices?
  • What are their needs and how well do you meet them?
  • How well do your competitors meet the...

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As the country’s most in-depth study of ‘middle-class-and-up’ South Africans, BrandMapp remains a vital weapon in any marketer’s armoury when it comes to profiling consumers and identifying target markets. But one of the study’s great attributes is that, while the core interrogation remains consistent, WhyFive Insights, the company behind the study, takes an iterative approach.

That core includes more than 200 measures and creates an exceptionally deep and wide view: full demographics, interests and pastimes, banking, insurance and financial portfolios, brand usage across multiple categories, mediagraphics and multi-channel consumption indicators, philanthropic potential and a barrage of category filters aimed at identifying consumer groups across the social spectrum.

But for 2016, it’s the additions and refinements that will excite a whole new group of marketers. “Although we have to be practical about the length of the survey,” explains WhyF...

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We recently sent out the shortest survey EVER - just five pertinent questions relating to issues of today. And the results were interesting to say the least!

So, in summary...

1. we were all quite positive about SA's chances of bringing the Webb Ellis trophy back home - and didn't give the Aussies a hope! (And, thankfully, not too many of you don't care about such things...)


2. VW are going to have a big job of convincing at least 30% of you that they are still a company worth respecting...


3. The overwhelming majority of yo...

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