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This groundbreaking survey set out to answer a simple question: what do the golfers of South Africa actually want from the game they love? It’s all about their golfing habits, ambitions and needs – and a vital survey for anyone involved in the broader industry of golf in SA. Why? Well, It may be a relatively small group of people (there are only about 110 000 registered club members in the country) but it’s an extremely powerful and influential one. For More info, CLICK HERE

Which course is the best in SA?



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pizza-imageIn BrandMapp 2015, we captured 15 700 pizza fans! The Pizza report is a view of the entire data set through their eyes – who are they, what else do they love doing, what sort of lifestyles do they lead, how they differ from our sample of 10 000 ‘non-pizza-fans’ – and another 200 things that anyone in the world of pizza would love to know! CLICK here to order the report....

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We discovered that only 18% of middle-class-and-up South Africans actually get the flu jab – which still makes it at least a R120 million a year business. But does it actually work? To find out, WATCH this short vid.   [embed][/embed]    ...

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