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On 30 July 2014 Marianne Thamm posted this story on Daily Maverick based on insights from WhyFive's BrandMapp dataset - Away from the sound and fury of political rhetoric and point scoring there is a different, and - believe it or not - good story to tell about South Africa’s nine million economically active citizens. Apart from being less concerned with race, all of them are educated, a lot are between 25 and 35, are optimistic about the future, own their own homes and will create wealth through a job in the corporate sector. By MARIANNE THAMM on The Daily Maverick.  
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If SABC COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, is looking for a real good news story, he’d best abandon political coverage and send forth his news teams into the homes and offices of the country’s middle classes – a group of around nine million economically active South Afri...

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On 5 July, the Daily Maverick ran this excellent piece written by Marianne Thamm about atheists in South Africa - based on insights extracted from our BrandMapp data set. The original post is here:   Are the country’s atheists any happier, better off or more conscious of issues than their religious brothers and sisters? While South Africa remains an overwhelmingly religious country, there are a fair number of atheists (and Jedi apparently) who move among us. Who are they, what do they get up to and how do they live? By MARIANNE THAMM.
While the country’s atheists (disclosure: I count myself among them) love the Internet and being online to catch up on news, do their banking, make travel bookings and buy books and music, their general social networking skills, a...

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