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Insights from the 2013 WhyFive Fashion Shopper’s report

It was Heidi Klum who said, “In fashion, one day you’re in, the next you’re out” and never were truer words spoken. It applies to the entire rag trade, from models and designers to trend-spotters, buyers, magazine editors and the hangers and shelf space of countless clothing stores. Which begs the question: how do some retailers get it so right while others are a fashionable flash in the pan?   That simple thought led us to conduct a groundbreaking study into the shopping habits of fashion conscious South Africans ­– including a substantial sample of 2 600 women. The results were illuminating to say the least, but it soon became clear that there’s a ‘set of rules’ any retailer could (and should) adopt in the current environment to give themselves a shot at success. Which is the story we’re going to tell. But before we do, let’s just make sure we all understand what’s meant by ‘the current environment’…   That darn recession   Fact: the great recession has disrupted our lives, changed our needs and altered our behaviours – and the fashion retail world is not immune to these movements. For those st...

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