WhyFive is a consumer insights consultancy powered by a unique South African data set called BrandMapp.

At WhyFive we believe in the power of understanding the WHY behind human needs, perception and behaviour. Using an imaginative and creative online survey that sheds light on all sorts of ‘whys’, we uncover facts that lead to insights, that ultimately inform strategy. It’s how we hope to make tomorrow a little better than today.




Why WhyFive?

Sakichi Toyoda, the Japanese industrialist, inventor, and founder of Toyota, introduced the ‘5 Whys’ technique in the 1930s and it remains an excellent tool.

It’s super-simple: whatever your challenge, just identify the question that needs to be answered and then ask ‘WHY?’ 5 times and you’ll get to the root cause.

Why BrandMapp?

  • Cheaper
    It’s far more affordable than competitive offerings
  • Deeper
    It’s a landscape study that covers more than 250 measures =  extremely accurate pictures of consumer segments
  • Faster
    We are a small and agile company with minimal delay between brief and delivery
  • Wider
    Large respondent numbers = meaningful samples.
  • Sharper
    As thought leaders in the branding world, we continually look for better ways to tell your stories using data