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Take the Bitch out the Pitch!


Yay! You’ve been invited to pitch!

Does this sound familiar … ?

The client (who you barely know) briefs you.

The brief is exciting but lacks critical information and strategic insights

You have one week before you are back in front of the client

There are three other agencies pitching – plus the incumbent


You know you can’t start work until you have key category and brand insights

You have no time and no budget to get the insights you need

So you make a few assumptions and build a case based on anecdotal evidence

You and your team put in long hours and use up valuable client time


You hope that your big idea is enough to win the day

85% of the time it is NOT!


Yay! You’ve been invited to pitch!

Here’s what could happen next …

The client sends you a brief – you know you need help

You call WhyFive and secure exclusive input on your pitch

WhyFive signs an NDA and we join your pitch team

We revert within hours with customised exclusive insights for your team

We are ready to present insights specific to the brief within days

We help you to create a winning response based on empirical evidence


You KNOW that your big idea is enough to win the day

85% of the time it is!


What’s the PitchPerfect deal?

New business pitches vary in size and complexity

We are happy to be flexible but our typical rates are as follows:


Data presentations:

Pitch and lose  –  R20 000

Pitch and win  –  R50 000


Bespoke solutions*:

Pitch and lose – Quote on request

Pitch and win – Quote on request


* Quick bespoke dipstick research specific to the brief.
Includes all data access and presentation.
Rates quoted excluding VAT.


Proprietary Insights from WhyFive

BrandMapp (includes TopEnd)
The SA Wealth Report
The Entrepreneurs Report
The Black Youth Report
The Wine and Spirits Report
AutoMapp Report
SportsMapp Reports
SA Retail Shopper Report
Fashion Shopper Report
The Cool Youth Report
The Ubuntu Report – cause marketing
The SA Body Image Report
CREAM – content optimisation tool
AMPS (for lower LSM work)


Many more reports across all brand categories

More on these and other insight resources at www.whyfive.co.za



What an expert says…

“What makes pitches so hard, particularly when the brief from the client is not comprehensive, and when the turnaround time is fast, is that the agency is operating in a vacuum. They are also usually operating in a new category. So the really difficult thing is getting to understand the category, and understanding the consumer within that category, quickly enough in order to inform the strategy and creative development.


WhyFive’s PitchPerfect sounds like it provides these critical insights, quickly, at times that really count.”

Gillian Rightford


What the agencies say…

“The WhyFive team is super smart, proactive, generous with support service and, of course, owners of hugely innovative insights to help support new business pitches across all sectors – we highly recommend them.”
Media Agency – Managing Director



“PitchPerfect is ingenious! It not only gives us access to the right insights at the right time (and the right price!), but we get the WhyFive team’s expertise and experience on board when it counts.”
Full Service Agency – Managing Director

Cape Town


Why WhyFive?

#1. Five years of proven online methodology
#2. Director-level involvement in all disciplines
#3. Access to cross-tab data – or runs on demand
#4. Crucial storytelling component to bring insights to life
#5. Strategic presentations – we don’t just drop data


Why online?

#1. It’s cheaper
We price our products at about 10% of traditional research methodologies.
#2. It’s deeper
At their discretion, people will give you more time than you think – if you ask right!
#3. It’s wider
Hard-to-reach groups, massive samples and far deeper segmentation.
#4. It’s faster
From concept to insights – we turn projects around in days.
#5. It’s better
Digital technology ensures improved quality of processes from field to analysis.



For more information on BrandMapp or our other syndicated studies, please contact:

Stuart Lowe
WhyFive Insights Pty Ltdm 083 443 8111
e stuart@whyfive.co.za
w www.whyfive.co.za



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