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BrandMapp is WhyFive’s premium annual landscape survey – a powerful product and media profiling tool that offers an in-depth view of the 30% of South Africans who are responsible for 86% of consumer spend. It’s a group of almost 10 million individuals including the one million elite ‘Top-End’ who live in households earning in excess of R25 000 per month. In short, BrandMapp paints a unique picture of economically active South Africans.

For brand planners, marketers and strategists, the real value of the BrandMapp dataset lies in its ability to paint a crystal clear picture of your consumers and customers – and those of your competitors. In the ‘consumer-centric’ world we live in, a BrandMapp profile will ensure that your strategic vision begins where it should: with a clear understanding of who your potential customers are, what they want and how you can satisfy their needs. And with more than 1 000 media and consumer brands covering a broad range of goods and services from banking and finances to groceries, clothing, electronics and F&B, there’s a good chance that we can view a significant sample of your customers through the BrandMapp lens.

Put simply, if you sell products to well-heeled households you cannot go to the office without BrandMapp. Call us now to to discuss a partnership in BrandMapp or to order your brand or segment-specific profile. Annual access to cross-tabulated data is available on a range of tools. CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.




Cross-Tab Data

BrandMapp core data is available on all cross-tab tools in South Africa. Twelve months’ access gives you a world of unlimited insights from 25 599 economically active adults across more than 200 measures. CONTACT US to arrange immediate data access. CLICK HERE for the full BrandMapp filter list.


Download full BrandMapp filter list here







Brand Profiles

Every marketing manager in the country should have profiles for each of their brands – a slide pack showing your customers versus your competitor’s customers across more than 200 measures – with full demographics, media graphics  psychographics, financial services, asset ownership, brand use, stores shopped, online shopping, travel, insights on giving back and many more. CONTACT US to order the profile for your brand.



Market Reports

WhyFive has hundreds of reports at our fingertips! From segmented studies like our famous Top End Report to retail category reports, sports, media and e-commerce reports. For a selection of possible reports please, CLICK HERE.