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Who are our clients?


Who are we?

Stuart Lowe

Stuart Lowe

Stuart has 25 years of experience in media and marketing. Starting with the launch of SA Sports Illustrated in 1987 and adding a further eight launch titles as marketing director of Touchline Media. In 1997, he joined RamsayMedia as group marketing director. In 2004, he was appointed publisher of the CAR brand, a role which he expanded to form RamsayMedia Automotive. He was appointed as MD of RamsayMedia in 2008 and started a number of new businesses over the next few years including RamsayMedia Research Solutions which was the inspiration for WhyFive. A marketer and strategist at heart, Stuart is passionate about the role of media and technology in understanding and influencing consumer behaviour. His lucky number is Five!



brandon de kock

Brandon de Kock

Brandon’s career has been a ‘compendium of games’ – a collection of roles and responsibilities in industries as diverse as hospitality, music and art, to eventing, conferencing, research and publishing. He is a highly respected writer, photographer and public speaker; and was editor of Compleat Golfer magazine for eight years before taking up the position of creative and content director for RamsayMedia (Getaway, CAR, etc.) where his strategic thought-leadership skills added value and insight across all spheres of business from marketing and product quality to service activities and delivery. In 2013, he was selected to be a member of the curatorial panel for the Cape Town World Design Capital 2013 programme. He brings all this experience to bear in the context of WhyFive, finding the stories in the numbers and presenting them like great rock songs.

Lita Tsikila

Litha is a researcher with a passion for the power of data. He enjoys analysing data from multiple data sources and drawing actionable insights to meet strategic objectives. He strongly believes that the right data coupled with the right insights are instrumental in driving progress and improving the lives of people. He has both traditional and online research experience and has executed research projects on a range of methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and hybrid methodologies). Litha was a executive at two leading research houses before he joined WhyFive as the head on business development for the company. He’s favourite number is 1.