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DATE: 28 October 2014 The 2014 Retail Shopper Report by WhyFive revealed 10 ‘golden threads’ that retail industry stakeholders should print out and nail to the wall as they start to strategise winning formulas in an increasingly competitive marketplace. A 2013 report called ‘Benchmarking the South African Shopping Centre Industry’, pegs the number of shopping malls in SA at over 1 780, covering around 1 million square metres of floor space – more than all the malls in the rest of Africa combined. And in a country where total retail spend is estimated at around R700 billion, more than half, around R400 billion, is dropped in these malls. For retailers and marketers hoping to grab a slice of this massive pie, having a crystal clear view of consumer behaviour, needs and perceptions is an absolute necessity – which is where the Retail Shopper Report by WhyFive comes into play. WhyFive research specialist Alan Todd explains: “It’s a survey designed to expose what’s driving the shopping behaviour of ‘economically active’ consumers (ie. those living in households earning over R10k a month) – for everything. There’s a fair amount of specific retail data available, but we realized that there isn’t anything r...

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This article appeared on The marketing Site on 18 Sep 2014 -

Thanks to the information age, the world is drowning in a sea of data – but the team at WhyFive Insights is offering a lifeboat solution to anyone involved in the brand-building business.

If American media is to be believed, 90 percent of all the data in the world today was created in the past two years. And even though a technology-lag softens the impact in South Africa, we haven’t escaped the data-flood that that often arrives in a tidal wave of scary charts and tables that land up being dumped in a dark place and left to die. How sad. Imagine if those facts and figures were unpacked, re-packaged and presented in a way that made a practical difference to the way marketers understand the relationship between their brands and the marketplace – and how to put a smile on a customers face. Say hello to WhyFive. “Two and a half thousand years ago, a Greek bloke called Heraclitus said ‘there is nothing permanent except change’ – but you’d be forgiven for thinking that the global market research fr...

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