WhyFive is a consumer insights business focused on syndicated landscape surveys and market reports.

Our innovative approach to online research delivers crucial insights for marketers across all business sectors.

At WhyFive we believe in the power of strategic insights that unpack the WHY behind human needs, perception and behaviour. Using imaginative and creative online surveys that shed light on all sorts of ‘whys’, we uncover facts that lead to insights, that ultimately inform strategy. It’s how we hope to make tomorrow a little better than today.






Why WhyFive?

There are Five “W” questions about consumers that marketers need to answer –

  • Who are your target consumers?
  • What does your brand offer them?
  • Where does the conversation and conversion take place?
  • When does the purchase decision take place?
  • Why should people choose your brand?

Why online research rocks…

  • Cheaper
    It’s far more affordable than traditional ‘clipboard’ research.
  • Deeper
    People will give you their time – if you ask the right questions!
  • Faster
    From concept to insights – we can turn projects around in days.
  • Wider
    Large sample sizes target = serious segmentation.
  • Better
    Digital technology opens up a world of new possibilities.